On “Non-Places” and Being

Deleting my social media accounts was step-one in my effort to unplug from my smart phone and, subsequently, enjoy the present. My thought process has been greatly shaped by both Wendell Berry and Cal Newport, two men on opposite spectrums but who share a commonality on living a more simple life. Though Berry lives in the farming lands of Kentucky and Newport is a tenured professor in Washington, DC, the commonality between them is simple: live in the present.

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Master Greek

If you want to strengthen your parsing abilities, or remind yourself that parsing is necessary for studying and readingĀ  the Greek New Testament, I believe you will benefit from Master Greek. Master Greek is a user-friendly website that is dedicated to helping students of the GNT strengthen their parsing ability. The website allows you to practice parsing on everything from nouns to infinitives, and it keeps a running tally of the number right and wrong answers.

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Where the Wild Animals Are

I am happy to announce that the Midwestern Journal of Theology has published my article, “Where the Wild Animals Are: The Inauguration of the Last Days in Mark 1:12-13” in their Fall 2019 journal.

In this article I examine the usage of the phrase “with the wild animals” in Mark’s temptation scene, and conclude that given the contextual references in the first chapter, Mark is pointing to the inauguration of the last days. You can download it for free here.