Master Greek

If you want to strengthen your parsing abilities, or remind yourself that parsing is necessary for studying and readingĀ  the Greek New Testament, I believe you will benefit from Master Greek. Master Greek is a user-friendly website that is dedicated to helping students of the GNT strengthen their parsing ability. The website allows you to practice parsing on everything from nouns to infinitives, and it keeps a running tally of the number right and wrong answers.

Here’s what I’ve found using this website: my parsing isn’t as good as I thought it was. This discovery may also happen to you, and you will likely get frustrated as a result. I hope that you will learn from your mistakes (as I’m trying to do!) and continue to push forward and study your noun/verb paradigms so that you are able to read the GNT.

Thank you to Paul and Cheryl Hoskins for this fantastic website.

“The original Scriptures well deserve your pains, and will richly repay them. There is doubtless a beauty, fulness, and spirit, in the original, which the best translations do not always express.” John Newton

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