Master Greek by Paul Hoskins

Paul Hoskins, Associate Professor of New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has provided a helpful tool for students of New Testament Greek. Master Greek is a website devoted to helping students with their parsing.

It is interesting that many first year Greek grammars do not stress parsing in their homework exercises. They just ask the student to translate Greek sentences into English. Sooner or later, diligent Greek students figure out that they cannot produce an accurate translation without knowing how to parse the Greek words.

Now, without practice, your parsing skills get rusty and perhaps you grow to rely on Bible software to do all of your parsing. This is really unfortunate, because you become tethered to your Bible software and cannot really read the Greek text with any level of fluency. Many possible insights from the Greek text will become lost to your view this way.

This really is a helpful website for testing your parsing ability, but the best part is how easy it is to navigate. Hoskins wrote a helpful abstract on how to use Master Greek.

There are 35 quizzes that cover all of the basic paradigms that Greek students really need. The key is to click on the “Quiz” button and then to log in. That way, you can get a grade on your quizzes and your quiz scores will be saved.

Here is how the scoring works. Each quiz has 20 items. If you score below 70% on the quiz, your score will be red. If you score from 70-80% your score will turn yellow. Once you reach the 80% mark, your quiz will turn green. Green is good. Yellow is okay. Red is not so good. Makes sense, right?

Why would Hoskins and his wife create this website? Hoskins knows that without the pressures of a test or quiz, students will allow their parsing and vocabulary to go by the wayside. It is not all too uncommon to hear of pastor’s or those in ministry claim they simply do not have time for the biblical languages due to time constraints. As a pastor and PhD student, I can attest to this as well. Time is always fleeting, but the creation of this website can help us redeem the time, study, and treasure God’s word.

I was afforded the opportunity to take multiple classes with Hoskins at SWBTS, and can attest of his devotion to the Lord and his love for the GNT. We were reminded and encouraged to be diligent interpreters of the word, to which I believe this website will help. His desire to serve Christ and his church is quite possibly what formed the groundwork for this website, and I do hope others will make good use of it.

He has also quite recently began to blog, and you can find his articles here.