On Politics and the Kingdom of God

The political atmosphere in America has been in full swing for over a year now with the potential presidential candidates making a sprint through the primaries with the hope of obtaining the coveted title of “Nominee.” Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the two primary candidates in this race and, despite the numerous third party candidates, one of the two will find their place behind the Resolute Desk come January 20.

I was reminded, yet again, how our political ideologies can become our political idols today as I clicked on a news link “guaranteed” to anger me. I watched as the video portrayed the failure of the Bush administration to uncover any WMD’s in their invasion of Iran and the apparent lying made by many in high level positions.

Now there are many possible reasons why the “lying” occurred, and I am in no way defending those in error. It could simply have been a misstatement or a general forgetfulness made by the respondent, or it could have well been lying. The fact that the video shows many months, if not years, between the initial statement could suggest the former, but the human temptation to cover our mistake rather than correcting can also suggest the latter.

Yet it only took me a few scrolls through my Facebook feed to find, you guessed it, an article of the Obama administration/Clinton campaign/Trump campaign caught lying over an extended period of time.

The honest matter at hand is that anyone who has a computer and the ability to unearth old videos and interviews by anyone can be presented as knowingly deceiving the general public. Mrs. Clinton has shown to change her views on social issues when it benefits her campaign as has Mr. Trump. The fact that either candidate is seen to “lie” in order to get the votes they want should not surprise any of us. What concerns me is that we can become so enamored with politicians that we can allow the political atmosphere to become our sanctuary and Breitbart/Drudge/MSNBC to become our holy text.

Our true hope must not be in what a political candidates promises he or she will do, for they have often failed (remember no new taxes?). Our true security must not be found in tightening our borders or expanding our military. Our true hope must not rest in what an individual promises but what Christ has already promised and given to his church.

No matter the outcome of this election, Christ has already declared that his church will stand, his kingdom has come, and that he is the sovereign King of the universe. Our identity must be found in him and not in our respective political party. I trust that, whatever the outcome of this election, Christ will sustain his church.

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.