Greetings from Louisiana. My name is Jason Kees, and since February 2014 I have served as pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. I also serve as an online adjunct faculty member at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and California Baptist University.

I recently completed my Ph.D from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary under the supervision of Drs. Thorvald Madsen and Ched Spellman. My dissertation analyzed possible verbal connections that the Revelation shared with other New Testament texts with the purpose of identifying the ideal-reader of the Revelation as one who approaches it canonically. I was influenced primarily by the works of John Sailhamer and Brevard Childs, and sought to apply a canonical hermeneutic to a New Testament book.

My occasional writings are short notes where I try to focus on the work of the pastor as a theologian. I also periodically contribute to Midwestern’s For the Church, (articles) and Southwestern’s Preaching Source (articles). You can find me on Academia, read my curriculum vitae, and contact me here.