Michael B. Shepherd Interview

My former Old Testament professor Mike Shepherd recently published a commentary on the Book of the Twelve. Shepherd influenced me early on with his love for the biblical text, so I was not surprised to see this answer in a recent interview.

I agree with Psalm 1 that the blessed person is the one who “murmurs” (i.e., reads aloud quietly to oneself) in the text of Scripture at all times (Ps. 1:2). In my opinion, the oldest and best way to communicate exegesis of Scripture in its original languages and on its own terms is the translation and commentary format. It allows the Scripture to dictate the agenda. The exegetical process has allowed me to enter a textual world that has a grand vision of Christ and his kingdom, and I will continue to live in that world.

You can read his full interview and pick up his commentary on Amazon (all of his books are worth purchasing), and I hope this work will encourage the church to read and preach from the Twelve.