Why I Blog

to-blog-or-not-to-blogIn my opinion writing serves two purposes:

  1. to enable the writer to think clearer and dictate a better grasp of the topic at hand.
  2. to serve others.

If number one is done correctly the second will follow, whether to the agreement of the reader or not. The point, I believe, is that good writing produces good conversation within the broader academic/ecclesiastical world, to which I hope this blog will contribute some.

My purpose is to glorify God through my writing. As such, this venue allows me to think out loud in the public sphere of the internet and dialogue with others who agree or disagree with my suggestions. As will often be the case what I write is what I am working through myself and, as such, my view might change at a later time.

As a man becomes a better preacher through preaching, so we become better writers through writing.

4 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Barry

    I’m Barry Hebert , my family and I are looking for an expository preaching church. We live near Elizabeth Louisiana. Do you know of any or recommend one?

    1. Jason Kees

      Hi Barry. Unfortunately I am not familiar with that area, so I’m afraid I am unable to help fully. How far would you and your family be willing to drive? Kingsville Baptist in Ball is an excellent church with expositional preaching, but it is an hour from you. I was able to find Elizabeth Baptist and Pine Grove in Elizabeth, as well as some in Pine Prarie and Glenmora. But I cannot fully answer the question regarding expositional preaching, unfortunately.


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