Preaching: A Biblical Theology

I was very pleased to receive a copy of Preaching: A Biblical Theology by Jason C. Meyer, Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church and have the chance to read the work of my former professor. Rather than the typical review, my aim is to include what I particularly enjoyed from Meyer’s book. As a result, this post will be brief, which is my intention. If you would prefer the traditional route, see my friend David Norman’s review here. preaching_meyer-683x1024

First, I appreciated Meyer’s structure. It is comprised of five parts with each building from the first five chapters, which is “Part One.” This section serves as a launching pad for the rest of the book and, as long as this is read first, it does not matter where the reader goes to next. Meyer did this because it allows the reader to choose their own starting “adventure” (14 – 15). In other words, the sections are not dependent upon one another as some books typically are.

Second, I appreciated Meyer’s careful guide through the Bible in “Part Two.” I believe this section is his strongest and the reader would do well to read it rather than skipping to “Part Three,” which is the technical aspect of preaching. Reading Meyer working through the Old Testament and providing the overall narrative it gives is a helpful summary of its contents, but his piecing together each patch of the seam shows the God of Israel at work in his nation.

Third, I appreciated Meyer ending his chapter with an illustration and point of application. Considering this is not a textbook on preaching it is a welcoming addition. Not only does it provide the reader and expositor of the Word examples of how to do application and illustration, but it also provides them with illustration aids that can be added to their own arsenal. Of course, credit must be given where credit is due if one chooses to use these in his sermon.

I commend this work to you and encourage you to add it to your shelf.

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